Brick Slip Splash Backs

Brick Slip Splash Backs

Brick Slip Splash Backs

When it comes to practicality, the kitchen is one of the spaces in the home where it becomes a necessity. After all, it’s a room that is heavily used and that means that it is susceptible to dirt and grime from spills and splatters. What this means is that brick slip splash backs are the ideal choice although they offer more than just practicality. In fact, when you opt to install brick slip splash backs, you will be adding a twist of modern and traditional to your kitchen. 

Kitchens have to be functional but now, more and more people are looking to create a kitchen that is more than just a usable space. It has become the hub of the home that benefits from exceptional design and a range of trends that change year on year. However, if you are looking for something that is smart, modern, traditional, desirable and functional then you’ll want to consider brick slips.

If you are looking to make use of brick slips then you should take a look at our tips below.


Choose The Right Brick Slips

There is no denying that there is a huge choice available when it comes to brick slips. Take a look through our range and you’ll see that there is a range of finishes and styles available. Therefore, you can now choose a brick slip that not only offers the practicality you desire but also something that fits in with your design. If you have a modern kitchen then you can opt for greys and whites. Should your kitchen have more of a traditional feel then there is no shortage of options available to you because we have traditional styles and looks to fit every desire.


Use the Right Tools

If you are going to install your brick slips yourself then it helps to make sure that you have all the right tools available. The installation isn’t too challenging if you take your time but the right tools will make it much easier. You’ll need a notched trowel to apply the adhesive and tile spaces to ensure that your brick slips are evenly spaced. You’ll also need a mortar pointing gun to point the joints and a brick jointer to create that perfect recessed finish. Finally, a wire brush will be needed to dust off any remnants after the installation has been completed. 


To Seal or Not Seal

Generally, brick slips do not need sealing but whether you choose to or not is entirely down to you. However, what you will need to remember is that if you’re using brick slips then we recommend that you seal them because they can be exposed to dirt, grime and splatters that can take their toll over time. 

There is a matt sealer or a gloss sealer available and these will help to keep dirt and moisture at bay, helping to repel stains and splashes.


Make Sure You Keep Your Splash Back Clean

Brick slips are no different to full-size bricks which means that they have porous surfaces, undulations and recesses of mortgage joints. What this means is that the uneven surfaces can be prone to the build-up of stains and dirt but cleaning them is an easy process. When you do clean them, take an easy approach and don’t be too heavy-handed. Furthermore, avoid using acid or abrasive too. 

All you will need is warm water, soap and salt as well as a light touch to remove the majority of marks, ensuring that your brick slip Splash back continues to look its best.


Brick Slips Make the Perfect Splash Back

There is no denying that brick slips are a unique and innovative way to create something unique in your kitchen. With our help, you can ensure that your kitchen becomes a part of the home that is not only practical but also smart looking because our brick slips add warmth and charm to any space. 

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