Brick Slips Or Brick Tiles in My Home?

Brick Slips Or Brick Tiles in My Home?

Brick Slips Or Brick Tiles in My Home? 

It’s safe to say that design and trends have taken many different twists and turns in recent years. Some have worked, others have just resulted in a ghastly look that disappears rather quickly. While many people consider themselves trendsetters, there are those who tend to follow and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, you get to see for yourself first hand what works and what doesn’t and on the whole, it’s a fairly good approach to design. However, you might have seen some other products doing the rounds when it comes to interior design and this could be brick slips or brick tiles.

Now, you might be wondering why people would want to have bricks on their wall in their homes but when you stop and think about it, why not??

Older properties have exposed walls and brickwork and it is considered to be a feature that adds charm, character and texture to any room and this is where you could begin to change your mind.


How Do Brick Slips and Brick Tiles Work?

The first thing to consider is that both of these products are different. Brick slips are made using clay and have the same look, feel and texture as a real brick yet they are only 15-20mm thick. Next up, brick tiles are actual tiles which means that they are made of porcelain or ceramic and are fitted to the wall like real tiles. They look like real bricks but have a different texture. 

However, they are both similar in that they can both be applied to your wall. This includes any wall in your home once it has been prepared correctly. You won’t need to worry about removing plaster to expose brickwork which leaves mess and you can install them almost anywhere. There is no need for any additional support and once they are installed, you can stand back and they will look like the real thing.

What’s more, they also come in a range of styles, texture and colours, so just like anything else in your home, you can find something to suit your style and desired look, proving just how versatile they can be. 

So, if you were unsure of brick slips or brick tiles then you’re certain to be warming to the idea by now. These amazing products are designed to transform the look and feel of any given space. They are ideal for people who want to inject colour, style and texture to a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen or even a hallway. 

They are durable, can be cleaned and easily maintained which makes them a lot better than wood cladding or many other forms of cladding for that matter. 


They Fit Just Like a Tile

Ok, brick tiles behave exactly like bricks and that means that a tile adhesive will be required in order to fit them to your wall. Along with this, they will also need to be grouted in order for the job to be finished.

Brick slips on the other hand can be handled and managed just like real bricks. This means that brick slips can be fitted using an adhesive before the gaps between each brick slip is filled with mortar. The mortar can come in a range of colours, giving you the freedom to find something that works well for you. The brick slips will be spaced out using spacers and once the adhesive has set, it is then possible to begin mortaring the joints.

If you were unsure about brick slips or brick tiles in your home then it can help to see them in the flesh. Of course, they are just standard bricks essentially or look like bricks in the case of tiles but ultimately, they look much like the real thing. This leaves you with the only thing left to do which is to decide where you want to install them!


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