Brick Slips or Brick Wallpaper?

Brick Slips or Brick Wallpaper?

Brick Slips or Brick Wallpaper?

If you’re looking to mix things up and go for a new look around your home then you might be considering a brick effect. While many people have chosen to use brick wallpaper it’s also worth considering brick slips as they are made from the real thing and look amazing once installed. So, if you are thinking of changing things then it’s worth looking at the reasons why Brick Slips are the better choice.


You’ve Got Endless Options

One of the main reasons for choosing Brick Slips is that you can benefit from the versatility that they offer. While you have a huge array of looks and styles as well as colours to choose from, you can use them in many different ways.  Choose to create a feature wall or install them outside while you can use them in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. They are extremely versatile and provide a wealth of options.

With brick wallpaper, you are extremely limited because it is only suitable in certain areas of the home and even then, it is not durable which means that it can suffer from tears, scuffs and marks.


You Get the Texture

The whole idea behind having a brick effect wall is to introduce that raw texture that Brick Slips offer. They look the part and they create an effect that looks completely real because they are! What you get is a 3-dimensional texture that introduces character and charm. With brick wallpapers, you won’t get that textured look and ultimately, you’ll be left with something that looks fake.


Durable and Hard Wearing

Whether you’ve got a bustling home with children or you have active pets, you’re going to need something that is durable and hard wearing. Brick Wallpaper is no different to all other wallpapers that you can purchase and so, it can peel, mark and will need replacing in a few years because it will become tired looking.

On the other hand, Brick Slips will cost you more but they become cost-efficient as time goes by because they won’t need replacing. They last a lot longer and because they are solid, they can pretty much withstand anything. So, it should be considered an investment because you won’t need to pay to replace them or pay someone to re-paper your home every few years. 

We all know how hard wearing bricks are and so, you can expect them to last longer while still delivering an authentic look and appearance.


They’re Completely Real

Whether it’s the Clay Brick Slip or the Pre-Cast Brick Slips, there is no denying that they look like the real thing and that’s what makes them really stand out. As they are made from real materials, they look like real bricks and that makes them unique and perfect for transforming any part of your home. Of course, brick wallpaper serves a purpose but once you get up close to it, it’s going to disappoint because it isn’t real. 

The whole idea behind installing Brick Slips is to benefit from the authenticity that they deliver and the look you can achieve with them.


Take Them Inside or Outside

It doesn’t matter whether you want to install them on a chimney breast, a kitchen or in an outside dining space, they are flexible enough to provide you with a range of options when it comes to using them. They look just as good outside as they do inside and because they are constructed like genuine full-size bricks, they can handle everything that the elements throw at them. 

So, when the time comes to look for something different around your home, you should consider Brick Slips over brick wallpaper because it will deliver more of an impact, look great and will stand the test of time.

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