Exposed Brickwork - It’s Artistic! - Use Brick Slips

Exposed Brickwork - It’s Artistic! - Use Brick Slips

Exposed Brickwork - It’s Artistic!

Brick Slips: Exposed brickwork is not a new concept but it is something that is still growing in popularity. It adds texture, atmosphere and colour to any interior space, making it a feasible option for office, cafes, bars and restaurants. 

We are going to delve into how this can be achieved and how it can add inspiration and charm to a bland space, regardless of where it might be. So, if you are unsure of what exposed brickwork might be, then it involves using the original brickwork of a property by removing plaster. However, not every property has this option and that is where brick slips can help you to achieve this look. 

Exposed Brickwork - The History

In recent years, exposed brickwork has become a fashionable look that’s on trend. In fact, it has never disappeared but more people are looking at this design for their home, office or business space. Looking back, it is a look that was as natural as it is to paint your home these days because people kept exposed brickwork as a way of saving money but now things have changed.

Using Brick Slips To Create Imperfection

If we look back through time, we can see that homes are still constructed in the same way and the same goes for commercial buildings. However, the materials that they use differ and it has meant that natural brickwork has been replaced with blocks, timber and plasterboard. Therefore, for those who are looking for the imperfect look that exposed bricks offer then brick slips offer a feasible solution.

If they are not fortunate enough to have brickwork that they can utilise then they can choose to use brick slips as a way of creating a feature wall or a modern-looking space with an industrial feel. With a range of finishes, styles and colours available, it’s easy to create that desired look.

How Can This Be Achieved with Brick Slips?

If you have your heart set on achieving an exposed brick look then you are going to need to choose a brick slip that fits your needs.

How can this be done with brick slips?

If you have decided you want this exposed look for an internal wall then you will first need to choose a brick. The likes of the Cottage Blend brick slips or the White brick slips are firm favourites as they have a natural look and texture. 

You’ll need to make sure that your brick style, colour and texture work with the overall decor of your property but once they are installed, you’ll see just what makes brick slips such an attractive prospect. With neat pointing, the finish will look slick and the aim is to be neat but also give it a more natural look by making it appear as though there are imperfections. Then, when the time comes to brush the wall, you will have a look that is authentic. 

Why Choose this Look?

Opting for exposed brickwork can help to create a look of charm and character. Instead of keeping things bland with basic paint colours, you can add depth and texture to any space. You can even give a modern property that historical feel and that can tie in with your design and style. 

The majority of modern properties are made using timber frames and cheaper materials, so a real looking brick wall will give your home a solid look and feel throughout. What’s more, it looks amazing too, especially when you pair it up with neutral colours and wood. 

People will be amazed at the look and feel too, which is why so many people opt for this look. Not only is it practical but it is one way of capturing the attention of people, especially if you are choosing to use them in a workplace, bar, cafe or restaurant.

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