Fireplace Brick Slips

Fireplace Brick Slips

Can Brick Slips Be Use For A Fireplace

Yes! all of our brick slips are fire rated A this means they are non-combustible and suitable for electric, gas and open fires including surround that lovely new log burner you own.

Using Brick Slips To Decorate Your Fireplace

Wether it is a simple log burner back drop or a full chimney breast re-make you can be sure that we will have the brick slip for you, from our Cottage Blend Brick Slip to a traditional Farmhouse brick slip we have plenty of variety. our products are designed to help your fireplace back to its glory days! having a traditional fireplace might mean that you want to keep that traditional feel which is where red brick slips can really make a difference. Using brick slips that have that old-fashioned look, you can make a huge statement and make your fireplace an integral part of the room.


Traditional Or Modern Brick Slips

There are two ways to go here, you ca keep your brick slips traditional by using red or weathered brick slips like the Docklands brick slips or you can opt for a modern finish by using a more neutral colour such as our Shadow Grey Brick Slips. We always advise getting a few samples first to help you make the best decision.

Things To Consider When using Brick Slips With A Fireplace

When using brick slips with your fireplace it is important to consider the materials. ensure you use a heat resistant adhesive, backing board and mortar. These can be brought online and are very important when installing brick slips to ensure a secure fixing.

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