Modern Homes With an Authentic Twist - Step up Stone Cladding!

Modern Homes With an Authentic Twist - Step up Stone Cladding!

Modern Homes With an Authentic Twist - Step up Stone Cladding!

Stone cladding is growing in terms of popularity and this is because it is on trend and really makes a statement. They add an authentic look to any home, shop or office and that makes it possible to blend old with new.

We have a wide range of stone cladding options that can be used when it comes to external restoration jobs as well as any renovation jobs around the home.


Stone Cladding - What Are They All About?

Stone cladding is made from real, natural stone and this means that it offers the same properties and characteristics as real stone. Depending on the style of brick cladding that you choose, you will see that each piece has its own look and style but that adds to the elegance and style that these pieces offer. You can find a range of looks and finishes, giving you the scope to get creative with how you used them

Around the home, we are always looking at ways in which we can do things differently. Whether that is adding in new colours, new textures or completely realtering the design, we love nothing more than getting creative and this is where stone cladding can work wonders.


Find That Perfect Blend

If you have a modern home, whether that is a home built in the 80s, 90s or more recently, you are going to find that you have standard modern features. You might have a standard fireplace with a gas fire or you might have no chimney breast at all. Furthermore, you might have walls with Artex or certain finishes that were on trend when your home was built.

However, you look at it, modern homes can come with a certain look that might not appeal to your creative sense but this is where you have to push the boundaries of style and do things differently.

You can give your modern home a touch of classic style without it feeling old. That might sound slightly wrong but what we mean is that your modern home can be given a classy, timeless look without much effort. 

Stone cladding can be used around the home, so create a stunning feature wall in your hallway or choose to give your kitchen a vibrant look with stone cladding splashbacks or a feature wall that overlooks a dining table. They are dramatic as much as they are elegant and you can use them in any way you see fit. Fit them around a seating area in your back garden or go all out and install them on the exterior of your home, the reality is that they can become anything you want them to be because they work brilliantly with a modern home.

So, don’t give up on the style of your home and think that it simply will not work with something that has more of a traditional design. Give it a try and surprise yourself because it really does work.

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