Stone Cladding Bathrooms - Fall in Love With Your Space Again

Stone Cladding Bathrooms - Fall in Love With Your Space Again

Stone Cladding Bathrooms - Fall in Love With Your Space Again

For many, the bathroom is nothing more than a space where you wash, use the toilet and then forget about it but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you change your perception of your bathroom, you will soon see that it is an integral part of the home while it could be considered a sanctuary especially with Stone Cladding. After all, it might be the place where you take relaxing showers or kick back and unwind in the bath. Whatever it might be, the design of your bathroom can either make or break it. A standard design is uninspiring and can make it difficult to see what potential it has but a modern design will turn the space upside down in terms of what you actually see and feel.

When we consider modern spa resorts and luxury gyms, their spaces are stylish and modern and there is a reason for this. It gives the space personality, and uniqueness but it also makes it easier to relax and unwind and you can do the same with your bathroom. All it takes is the use of stone cladding and your bathroom will take on a completely different identity.


They’re Perfect for Family Bathrooms


A family bathroom might need a touch of practicality to it, given that it might be used by young children but you shouldn’t overlook it. You can capture functionality and practicality while still making it a place that you can enjoy. Stone cladding can bring it to life because there are many different tones and finishes on offer while you can make the space feel larger than it actually is when using mirrors, textures and patterns.

Stone cladding accentuates space and with the injection of colour, a clever layout and storage then it becomes something so much more.


Give it That Spa-Feel


If you don’t have children then you have the freedom to go as luxurious and stylish as you wish. Stone cladding makes it possible to create a stunning haven of tranquillity whereby the look and finish mimic that of a high-end beauty parlour or spa club.

Grey coloured stone cladding looks classy and elegant while it can be matched up with lavish soft furnishings, a modern bathroom suite and stunning taps and fittings that bring the space to life. The colours and textures will merge together seamlessly and when you sink into that hot bath, you can forget about your stresses and worries because you truly feel as though you are on a pampering spa day and not in your own home.


What About En-Suites?


En-suites often get overlooked but they are just as important as your main bathroom so why not give it the same treatment? Fashionable and modern stone cladding will create a small snippet of paradise and that becomes a space that is only kept for those who can access it…..such as the parents! 

From bathrooms to ensuites, stone cladding serves a purpose because it gives you a look like no other and can work with any kind of space, regardless of how big or small it might be.

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