Using Stone Cladding in Your Home - 5 Ways to Use It

Using Stone Cladding in Your Home - 5 Ways to Use It

Using Stone Cladding in Your Home - 5 Ways to Use It

We have seen our stone cladding used in many different ways and this ranges from homes to external projects and commercial buildings, not forgetting many other areas. The real beauty of using our high-quality cladding is the versatility and flexibility that it offers but they are ideal for use inside the home. So, we are going to look at five ways in which you can use our stone cladding around the home and get inspired to make a change at the same time.


Stone Cladding on FirePlaces

The fireplace is an integral part of your living room and often, they are underused when it comes to turning it into a feature. However, if you opt to use our stone cladding, you can add a stunning effect and look to your home. You can opt to choose from contemporary or modern styles as well as traditional options, all of which can help to create a high-end look and finish.


Feature Walls

Feature walls can come in many different designs but we think that you should look at alternatives to paint and wallpaper. A feature wall is a great way of adding style to your home and that’s where stone cladding can really make a difference. With a variety of finishes and styles to choose from, you can get creative and ensure that you add a new element to your space. This will enable you to create a talking point while giving your home that edge.



A bathroom is no longer a place that is basic or lacks style because they have almost become the new feature of the home. From smart and stylish suites to colour schemes, people are getting creative which is where stone cladding can really work. You can create a luxurious vibe with ease because natural stone cladding has the ability to create the right tone. With different textures and colours, your bathroom can take on a completely new identity, turning it into a space where you can relax with ease.



When it comes to properties, the kitchen will often be one of the main talking points or even the main selling point which proves how important it is. So, if you want to create a classy, cool and sophisticated kitchen, all you need is stone cladding. As more homes are now incorporating open-plan designs, stone cladding has the potential to bring spaces together while you can create the feeling of a new area by installing stone cladding in a certain area of your kitchen.


Columns and Pillars

While columns and pillars are not hugely common in homes, they can be found in older properties and often, it can be difficult to know what to do with them. Fortunately, stone cladding can transform these basic-looking structures and create an amazing look instantly. 

So, stone cladding really does serve a purpose when it comes to your home and it clearly has many uses that can make a real impact.

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