What Are Brick Slips

What Are Brick Slips

What Are Brick Slips

Brick Slips, otherwise know as brick tiles, brick veneers or slip bricks can either be casted specifically for a brick slip or in some case a thin section of a facing bricks.

Brick slip cladding is used to give the appearance of either a modern or traditional exposed brick wall finish both internally and externally. Traditionally used by architects to give new buildings a brick finish without the weight, labour and expense of using traditional bricks. Fast forward a decade and brick slips are being used by home owners to create their own traditional brick slip wall.

Ourselves we focus on purpose made brick slips rather then brick slip facings, we do this because with facings there is a lack of consistency from one month to the next the hues, shadings etc will change. With a pre-casted brick slip this finish is replicated time and time again.

Brick Slips vs Facing Brick Slips

Cut brick and Brick slips might look similar in the essence they are both a thin slice of what appears to be brick but there make up is vastly different.

Cut brick is traditionally a full brick that has had the facing slices of to give a small thin brick veneer, Typically these are around 20mm in thickness and measure 215mm x 65mm. Like our brick slips they are singular and installed one by one

With our Brick Slips, these are pre-casted using materials including pigment, cement and pumice. This allows us to cast a thinner brick slip (just 15mm thick) and lighter brick slip (up to 30% lighter then brick facings) in addition to these savings, there is also a cost saving element and a quality element. The quality of a pre-casted brick slip outweighs that of a Facing brick.


There are two main ways of manufacturing brick slips. 

  1. Cut from existing brick – these are facings as discussed above and are cut directly from a full size house brick. 
  2. Pre-Cast – These are our Brick Slips - handmade, using a mix of materials that are then moulded to emulate the look and texture of brick. They are then dried and stained to give the desired finish as per our products.


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