What Makes a Brick Slip Feature Wall Great?

What Makes a Brick Slip Feature Wall Great?

What Makes a Brick Slip Feature Wall Great?

When it comes to making a dramatic statement, nothing turns heads more than exposed brick slips and that is why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to feature walls. Whether you’re looking for that raw look, a stylish pop of colour or a traditional vibe, a brick feature wall can add character, history and even a contemporary feel. 

With more colours and styles becoming available as well as textures, anyone with the desire to let their interior design creativity flow will see exactly why brick slips are becoming a great choice. Whether it’s the office or the home, this is a trend that is gathering pace but what makes a brick slip feature wall so great?

With a huge range of styles to pick from, you might feel as though there is too much but we think having plenty of choice is a good thing! Therefore, we have created a guide to help you design the perfect feature brick slips in your home.


Should it Stand Out or Blend In?

Regardless of the type or style of brick slip that you choose, a brick feature wall is undoubtedly bold and is going to have a significant impact on how your room will feel. An example of this is brick slips that are heavily textured as they will add a rustic feel that is aged, giving a more relaxed and cosy vibe. If you opt for a brick slip that is smoother and sharper with less texture, then that will create a more energetic feel. 

Of course, you have the colour to explore too. This can include red, yellow, white, grey and black as well as the mortar that is used between each brick slip. Every choice you make has an impact on the way in which your feature wall blends in or stands out. What’s more, many people choose to match their brick slips in with the exterior brick work, so that is something you might want to consider. Therefore, this ensures that you can keep the look relatively uniform while giving your entire property plenty of character. Despite this, you shouldn’t feel held back by this because many people also choose to use different colour bricks. This level of creativity is great for those who like to mix things up and do things differently.


Modern or Traditional?

Our Cottage Blend brick slips are designed to create a traditional look but it is a popular choice when it comes to feature walls. It has a reclaimed look that’s rustic and that means that each brick delivers a unique look and feel, as well as an abundance of charm. It looks great when it is paired up with wooden worktops or copper fittings in a bathroom.

If you want a modern look and feel then you might want to choose the White brick slips. They create a striking look that gives off a certain energy and vibe. They can transform dark spaces and give kitchens and bathrooms a lease of life. Essentially, it will become an integral part of your home in no time at all!


Your Mortar Joints

Finishing off your brick slips is important. The quality of the finish can be the difference between creating a feature wall that is amazing and one that is average. If you match the mortar to the brick slip, this will create an authentic and understated look. However, you can make a statement by opting to use a light grey or dark grey mortar against a lighter brick slip as this will draw out each joint, giving the eye something to focus on.

Creating a feature wall is about taking inspiration from your creativity and adding your own touch to each space. It’s easier to transform your home with brick slips than you might realise, so now is the best time to get thinking about your design ideas.

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