What Makes Brick Tiles Better Than Standard Tiles?

What Makes Brick Tiles Better Than Standard Tiles?

What Makes Brick Tiles Better Than Standard Tiles?

Tiles have been commonly used around the home for decades. They have become commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, around fireplaces and in hallways. They provide something different when compared to paint or any other form of wall finishes and that’s what makes them so different. Furthermore, they take on their own identity and provide a level of versatility that other materials cannot offer. They also move with the trends which might be a good thing but for many, it could be considered a costly problem, especially when trying to keep up with trends. With this in mind, what makes Brick Tiles better than standard tiles?

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Unique Look Of Brick Tiles

Of course, all other forms of tiles come in different sizes, styles, colours and finishes but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unique. While you might want to make your home different, opting for standard tiles certainly won’t give it that wow factor. When someone walks into your home, you want them to stop and stare at your tiling and that’s what Brick Tiles offer. They deliver a completely unique look that actually looks like the real thing and that’s the difference. They come in a range of finishes and styles that enable you to create a look that is your own and they are guaranteed to stop visitors in their tracks!


Stand the Test of Time With Brick Tiles

Whether it’s offering durability or simply avoiding the expensive trends that come and go, there is a lot to be said about Brick Tiles. These amazing tiles have the ability to transform your space but they can also avoid trends because let’s be honest, that look of exposed bricks never goes out of fashion. So, while you might choose to install the latest style tiles, you’ll soon find that in a couple of years, they will be out of fashion and they’ll need to be replaced. With Brick Tiles, this is not the case because they will always look great and almost have their own style and trend. If you have ever walked into a home with exposed brickwork, we’re guessing that you’ve never thought of it as being old-fashioned. That’s the exact same feeling you’ll experience with Brick Tiles.


Great Range of Styles

Who said that Brick Tiles are boring and lack any kind of style? When you browse our range of products, you will find that there is something to suit every home and every style. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, something different or something modern, they come in a range of finishes and colours. This enables you to get creative in the same way as you would with other tiles. The only difference is that you also get to inject character at the same time.



You’ll often find that you have bathroom tiles that aren’t suitable for the kitchen and kitchen tiles that aren’t suitable for the bathroom. This leaves you limited when it comes to finding tiles that work in certain parts of the home. Whether it’s a feature wall, your fireplace or the hallway, you can be sure that Brick Tiles are going to look amazing wherever you choose to install them. The reason for this is that they are unique and different so they sit outside of the same sort of category as standard tiles. Essentially, they are breaking down design barriers and we think that this is only a good thing!


Always Look their Best

Tiles can become tired looking over time. Whether that’s dirt and grime or a change of trend but you won’t experience that with Brick Tiles. They get better with age and because they look like real bricks, any dirt or grime adds to the character. Along with this, they are also simple to clean which makes them extremely useful in areas that are susceptible to dirt and grime. 

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