Why Brick Slips Are On Trend

Why Brick Slips Are On Trend

Why Brick Slips Are On Trend

We all know that trends come and go. Whether it’s fashion, cars or even phones but when it comes to our homes, trends can last for a matter of months or they can stick around for years. However with Brick Slips that's different, if you’re someone who likes to live in a home that feels current then it’s important that you keep up to speed with trends.

One growing trend that you will want to keep up with is brick slips. They have grown in popularity in recent years and now they are becoming a common theme in many parts of the home and the workplace. Whether it’s a feature wall, exposed brickwork in coffee shops and pubs or cladding an outside space, it’s a trend that is becoming increasingly popular and it’s time for you to learn all about this trend and how it can give your space so much more.

If you are not familiar with brick slips then it helps to understand what they are. While the name might make you think that these are full-sized bricks, you’ll be pleased to know that they aren’t. In actual fact, they are nothing more than a thinner version of a brick that is then essentially tiled onto the wall. This creates the look and feel of a brick without the same size as a standard brick and that gives them a lot of potential when it comes to incorporating them into your home.

So, the aim of this guide is to bring you all you need to know about the trend so you can see just what it can offer you and your home.


Go From Traditional to Modern

Every home is unique and every homeowner has a style or look that they prefer. Some people love ultra-modern while others prefer something more traditional. Therefore,  brick slips are certain to appeal to a range of people because of the way in which they enable you to get creative when it comes to interior design. 

They’re an ideal solution when space is limited or the age of your property doesn’t necessarily go with the style that you are going for. If you choose to clad a fireplace then you will create a focal point that could have a traditional look. Furthermore, you might want to take an old bathroom and turn it into a stylish bathroom with a modern touch thanks to modern coloured brick slips. The great thing about bricks slips is that they come in a range of styles and designs. What’s more, they are slim which means that they take up very little space once they have been installed.


It’s Time to go Outside

Brick slips are not just for indoor use because they can transform an external space in many ways. If the facade of your building is looking tired and worn then it is possible to breathe life into it by using brick slips. You can also add character to window and door recesses too, enabling you to customise your property quickly and easily.


It’s Simple and Efficient

You’re not going to need bricklaying skills to install brick slips. They are simple to fix in place and with minimum equipment required, it’s really quick too. All that you’ll need is a primer, brick slips adhesive and pointing mortars. Once you have all of this, you are ready to get installing which means that in a matter of hours, you can transform your space and create something that looks amazing.


Not all trends have to cost the earth and when compared to other options, brick slips provide a unique alternative. They’re durable, hard-wearing and suitable for almost any space which means that they can work for everyone. 

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